About Us

Style Events is an event entertainment company specializing in high-end, multi-cultural weddings and bar / bat mitzvahs with an international touch. We feature New York’s original DJ-led band, which combines the elegance & sophistication of an orchestra with the energy of a global DJ.

When brothers Alex + Amir moved from Spain to New York in 1991, they had no idea their European-influenced musical stylings would grab the attention of New York’s most discerning clients. Alex + Amir’s passion for music and their talent for layering classic sounds with fresh rhythms caught the ears of top club promoters and led to gigs with New York’s most prominent families. These relationships have stood the test of time based on the quality and originality of Alex + Amir’s productions.

From elegant New York weddings, bar mitzvahs, and corporate events to special productions in the South of France, Rome, Tel Aviv, Rio, Cape Town and other global destinations, Alex + Amir’s reach grew as they designed unparalleled entertainment experiences in unforgettable environments. Style Events was born.

With a distinctive sound that combines the energy of live music with the spontaneity and original remixes of the hottest clubs, Style Events has a special talent for making guests feel like they’re partying in Saint Tropez, Mykonos, or St. Bart – even when they’re at the Plaza, Pierre or Cipriani.

With an inside track to the hottest emerging music and entertainment trends worldwide, Style Events offers party planners, brides, families, and guests the most exciting possibilities for their most important events.